September 11, 2014

Staff Advisory Council Minutes

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Notre Dame Room, LaFortune


Tami Springer, Jan Solkey,  Evelyn Mitchell,  Shebra Guidry, Char-Anna Koblick, Robyn Karkiewicz, Michael Mueller, Kristi Lax-Walker, Kim Miller, Daniel Juckett, Joe Reimers, Marilyn Ipsen, Bobbi McMahon and Tricia Dalenberg


Kathy Troth, Patrice Mullen, Susan Nugent, and Amanda Huerta


Linda Kurtos, Sustainability  


Adam Zielinski, Elaine Brown

HR Liaison:    

Sharon Hawkins

I. Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 1:01 pm by Tami Springer.

August minutes were reviewed – Joe Reimers made a motion to approve with a second by Evelyn Mitchell.

II. Committee Updates

Benefit Committee

No meeting.  Denise Murphy will be at SAC meeting in October to discuss benefits.

Parking Appeals

No meeting.

Promotions Committee

None at this time

Website Committee

Rep absent


Nothing to Report

Compassion Fund

Rep absent     

III. New Business

Linda Kurtos spoke about being a Green Ambassador, the Lunch and Learn Program and making your office a more Green Office Environment.  She discussed some of the changes that they have made to help reduce the waste that is sent to landfills, such as changing to LED lights and changing to recycling cans as opposed to having trash cans. She discussed strategy goals such as helping to reduce the carbon footprints we leave, decreasing the trash and water usage, and increasing landfill diversion, do more reuse, recycle, repurpose. She also talked about how to host a green event with less paper – digital invites, etc. She explained about the three methods of recycling: single stream (blue bins around campus for styrofoam, paper, plastics, etc.); specialty (special bins for batteries, toner cartridges, etc.); and soaps, shampoos, used cooking oils, and wood pallets.  She went over the list of items that are not recyclable, which can be found on their website at green.

There was a question for Linda about campus wide composting.  She took questions about what is recyclable and what is not in our offices. 

She also gave websites to find more information about being green: and

She also recommended the reading The Omnivore’s Dilemma: A Natural History of Four Meals by Michael Pollan.

One of the facts from the quiz she gave:  K cups and used tissues are not recyclable—they go in the trash.

IV. Additional Business

There was a question about putting a bus shelter on the east side of Holy Cross Drive, just south of the guard gate where people wait for the shuttle leaving work. There is already a shelter on the west side by the parking lot.

There was a question about putting a crosswalk from the south side of Holy Cross to the north side of Holy Cross.  There have been a few near misses of people crossing the road to get to the D lot for staff. 

There was a discussion about new pins versus t-shirts for SAC representatives.

There were questions brought up about healthier food choices and the replacement of Greenfields with an Au Bon Pain.

V.  Adjournment

Motion to adjourn at 2:56 pm. 1st Joe Reimers. 2nd Michael Mueller.