February 12, 2015

Staff Advisory Council Minutes

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Notre Dame Room, LaFortune Student Center


Tami Springer, Amanda Huerta, Jan Solkey, Alissa Hochstelar, Shebra Guidry, Kristi Lax-Walker, Joe Reimers, Julie Logue, Tricia Dalenberg, Julie DeSchane, Evelyn Mitchell, Michael Muller, Lori Haselrick, Nancy Cole, Daniel Juckett, Susan Monroe, Bobbi McMahon


Robyn Karkiewicz, Kim Miller, Char-Anna Koblick, Valerie Schroeder


Amy Minnick, Center for Undergraduate Scholarly Engagement (CUSE)



HR Liaison:

Sharon Hawkins

I. Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 1:03 pm by Tami Springer.   

November minutes were reviewed – Bobbi McMahon made a motion to approve with a second by Evelyn Mitchell. Tami introduced new members. Tami went over SAC member responsibilities and how to communicate with district.

II. Committee Updates

Benefit Committee

Rep Absent

Parking Appeals

Nothing to report. Contacted in December, not meeting currently

Promotions Committee

Will discuss in March at meeting.

Website Committee



Open house with center on campus and St. Mary’s in March or April

Interim Parking

Shuttle service has been expanded and is now continuous service from 7 am to 7 pm.  Want feedback on this service or other issues. Possibly starting shuttle at 645 am for early staff starting times. Possibly expanding shuttle time to from 7 pm to 9 – 930 pm late staff ending times. Question about shuttle stopping at Library, could it continue to Joyce Center or DPAC.           

Compassion Fund

6 requests – all granted

Eddy Street Commons

Small focus group of staff, faculty and students met and discussed what possibilities they would like to have at Eddy Street Commons.  Ideas of bowling alley, movie theatre, laser tag were introduced. A comment about housing rental at Eddy St Commons, the space is priced too high for grad students to live there.  Students living in outskirts of Mishawaka where rent is cheaper. Triangle area upset that condos are being rented during football season and then vacant during year.  Policy is changing to any further condo growth, they need to be year round resident. 

III. Old Business

Sharon Hawkins brought sample polo shirts in women’s and men’s size for SAC to look over.  Vendor can do a mockup of shirt with embroidery. Sharon took members sizes. Will be meeting in ND Room in Lafortune this year.   

IV. New Business

Amy Minnick explained about CUSE and asked to pass on to students about grant funding to refer them to their office.  They are located in Brownson Hall.  They run on private funding.   

V. Additional Business

Brainstormed ideas for guest speakers, some of the suggested guest speakers are as follows:  John Affleck Graves, ND Diversity Office – Inclusion, Denise Murphy – benefits, Career Services (ND Voice), Wellness Center and Pharmacy, Doug Marsh, Security/Parking Services.  Question about benefits of staff – can find this information on HR website,

VI. Adjournment

Motion to adjourn at 2:07 pm. 1st Joe Reimers. 2nd Shebra Guildey.